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Catalogo generale 2021-2022

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All advertising material (general catalogs, brochures, flyers of promotional campaigns, etc.) relating to the product offerings of Moranelli S.r.l. it can be downloaded online in pdf format.
The technical documentation and the Product Data Sheets are also available upon specific request to our offices.

Moranelli S.r.l reserves the right to make any technical changes and improvement to the products at any time and without the obligation of any notice. The technical data, models, colors and anything else represented in the catalog are purely indicative. The reproduction, even partial, of this advertising material is forbidden without the express authorization of Moranelli S.r.l ..

Originals, made in Italy since 1962

Moranelli has been operating in the wood and furniture sector since 1962 and its products are characterized by a refined and elegant design. In fact, the company philosophy has its roots in the passion and professionalism that is transferred to the manufactured products and the proposed housing solutions.

The wide range of products and models available in the catalog are mainly aimed at interior design, interior architecture and construction. Moranelli internal doors represent a product of manufacturing excellence produced in an industrial way but with artisan care. The products are generally made to order in such a way as to allow a greater control over the quality and specifications of the final product.