A story of wood passion.

The Moranelli S.r.l. operates in the wood and furniture industries and it’s specialized in the production of doors, furniture and architectural solutions distinguished by accurate and elegant design.
The wide range of types and models available in the catalog, aimed mainly to interior design, architecture and construction, are designed to be extremely flexible and integrated, and differ in customized solutions that allow you to compose product and also meet the multiple needs of the interior spaces.
The strength that allow to organize and manage the production of quality products in series and/or specific contract is represented by the right combination of industrial production and handicraft care of the product.
In order to give an offer more complete and updated as possible, the company is constantly active in research and development with studies and investigations of wood-based materials, innovative production processes and new living spaces.
The design of models, the design of environments and custom installations are activities that are performed in the company directly so as to propose housing solutions designed to be coordinated, integrated and properly contextualized.

Wood, a family matter.

Moranelli S.r.l.: “For us, the wood is a family matter; a passion that has been handed down from generation to generation”.

The history of this calabrian company began with Amerigo Moranelli when after learning the art of carpentry, in 1962 started his own workshop.
Soon also he involved his son Domenico, who later went on and expanded the business by starting at the current size. The workshop, over the years has expanded and updated, skillfully combining the industrial processing experience artisan.
The Moranelli S.r.l. is now managed by the third generation who continued the family tradition with enthusiasm. The company’s philosophy thus has its roots in the passion and professionalism that moved on all wood products manufactured and in housing solutions proposed.

The Philosophy

Today to make the difference you need to offer products that are of excellent quality and reliability.

The quality of the workmanship, the quality of raw materials and attention to detail are some of the main distinguishing features of our products and products made in Italy.
Wood is natural and part of the corporate philosophy, the main vocation is to offer a complete range of products where this material find a large use in all its different formats and in its different species, with particular attention to the finishes made entirely with products environmentally friendly as well as responding to the principles of bio-architecture.
Doors and furniture elements proposed by Moranelli S.r.l. represent an example of a blend of wood and design, the latter being understood not just as simple style but also as a deepening of the design aspects and the various stages of the production process. The continuous research and development of new concepts are essential to offer products that are innovative and more responsive to current changing housing needs.

Company data:

Moranelli S.r.l.
Strada Provinciale 130 – Contrada Ombrece
87010 San Donato di Ninea (CS)

Fiscal Code and Registration Number in the Companies Register of Cosenza: 02972550780
VAT number: 02972550780
Registration R.E.A. of Cosenza: 202285
Share Capital: Euro 10.000,00

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